Affiliate Referral Program

Earn Referral $$$ with Saucy Mitts and the Zazzle Associate Referral Program
(scroll to bottom for ShareASale affiliate options)

This program is available through our store and products on Zazzle only and not at Get paid a percentage of sales when you share our designs from our Zazzle store on your blog, website, through social media or even email!

How? It's As Easy As 1, 2, 3!

1. Create a Zazzle Account. 2. Get Your Referral ID 3. Start Earning Money!

How Does it Work?

Send visitors from your blog, website, social media or email to our Zazzle store or products at, and if they buy something you'll earn a 15% referral fee from the sale.

How Do I Sign Up?

1. Create a Zazzle Account, it's FREE! or login if you already have an account
2. Login to your account
3. Go to our store on Zazzle at and start sharing our store, collections or individual products.

How Do I Know If My Associate ID (Affiliate ID) Is Attached to My Sharing Link?

Be sure you are logged in to your Zazzle account before you start sharing our store or products. If you are not logged in, your Associate ID won't be attached to the link.
Also, before you start sharing for the first time you may want to clear any previous cookies that may be attached to you from Zazzle. This will give you a fresh start and assure no other affiliate codes have been attached to you or your browser.

How Do I Share a Product?

1. Find one of our products to promote at
2. Look below the image of the product, you will see sharing buttons.
3. Click the sharing button you want to use.
You can see the sharing buttons in the example below. By the way, this is one of our best selling products! If I were you, I would promote this one for sure! You can find it here

How Do I Share Your Zazzle Store?

1. Visit us at
2. Look at the top right of our shop header you'll see and orange "share" button
3. Click that button and choose the way you want to share.

How Do I Share a Collection?

1. Visit us at
2. Click the tab that says "Collections"
3. Click on the collection you would like to promote
4. Look for the share button

What Is a Collection?

A collection is a group of products we've put into one place for easy access. For example, Saucy Mitts has popular collections for Baby Bodysuits, Hockey Ties, Coach Cards, Men's Shirts, Women's Shirts, Kids Shirts, etc. You can find them at the "Collections" tab on our Zazzle homepage.

Which of Your Products/Designs Are Best Sellers? Where Should I Start?

All of our Baby Bodysuits, Pacifiers and Beanies (especially Dump and Change, Crawl Walk Hockey, I'm Told I Love Hockey, Future Hockey Star, Hockey Princess).
Also our Hockey Ties sell very well. Don't limit yourself though, all of our products sell well. It will depend on your audience. What are they looking for?

What are the Program Details?

Referral Payment: 15% per sale
Volume Bonus: up to 17% per sale
Cookie Length: 45 days
Minimum Payout: $50
Payment Methods: Check or PayPal

Are there any other affiliate options? Can I use ShareASale?

Yes! Our shops at RedBubble (10% commission + bonus) and TeePublic (11% commission) use ShareASale and you can earn affiliate $$'s by referring our designs from these shops.
Note: When you apply through Shareasale for Teepublic it will be called Busted Tees (which is Teepublic's parent company).